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Social Welfare

    Sunshine Seeds Free Shearing Group




    Use your hair cutting skills to help others
    With "altruism" as the starting point, help unnoticed vulnerable groups or individuals.
    Sunshine Seeds Yishe Group, welcome everyone to join and help together.




    Dear salon partners, we are usually busy with work, family...etc., we want to show our love but can't find a way,

    Now we can use our expertise to help some disadvantaged people to spread love together, so Mingjiali was established in 2011

    "Sunshine Seeds Free Cutting Group"

    Let us hairdressers unite and do good deeds together, so that there will be more love angels!




    Activity Record



    Corrective Scissors Unit: Taiwan Provincial Private Qizhi Skills Training Center  03-4727890*1001  

    Yijian Address: No. 198-3, Bogonggang, No. 16, Fufengli, Yangmei City, Taoyuan County

    Head of Sunshine Seeds Freelance Scissors Group: Dai Mingxun

    Sunshine Seeds Free Shearing Group Contact Person: If you want to join the Sunshine Free Cutting Group, please contact the proposer

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