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About Us

    "Establishment History"


    Our company established "MING JIA LI Beauty and Hairdressing Material Shop" on February 4, 1993 to serve professional hair salon operators.

    And use "Bright Professional Hair Products" to serve salon operators, designers, and assistants, providing professional technology, information, fashion orientation, management and other information,

    Counseling salon transformation and establishing branding.


    On September 17, 1999, it was spun off from "Mingli Hairdressing Materials Co., Ltd." to establish "MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.".

    Specially aimed at various businesses of hairdressing salons, in order to provide more professional and high-quality services for the hairdressing industry.

    In order to improve the operation and management methods of the industry, establish the professional technical level and dignity of hairdressing designers, and then improve the living standards and career planning.






    "Company Characteristics and Philosophy"


    ► Features:

    Professional  -  Build branding and professionalism.

    Fashion  -  Master international (such as Japan, the United States, Europe) fashion trends and improve technology.

    Education  - Through professional teachers, guide the hair salon.


    ► Concept:

    Help him   - Help hair salons and designers grow, improve management methods, and technical level.

    Altruism  - Helps hair salons and designers make money, improves quality of life, and enhances dignity and status.

    Together create   -  a bright and beautiful future for salons and designers.


    ►  Service:

    The target of the service industry is "people". The quality of service should not vary from person to person,

    So service standardization is very important to the service industry, and we must strive to stabilize service quality ,

    So standardize the daily work as much as possible, and implement the service tenet of "one service, lifelong friend".





    "Future Development Goals"


    Dedication to the hair salon industry, its coexistence and co-prosperity, with the primary goal of helping the salon grow.

    I look forward to setting up branches or distributors across the province in the future to help more salons.

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