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Privacy Policy

    [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] attaches great importance to the privacy of members and complies with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law". Therefore, it has formulated a privacy protection policy. You can refer to the content of the privacy protection policy below.


    1. Personal Data Security

    Protecting the personal privacy of members is an important business philosophy of [Mingjiali International Co., Ltd]. three people. Members should properly keep their network passwords and personal information confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially network passwords, to anyone. After using the various service functions provided by the website, you must remember to log out of your account. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window.


    II. Collection, processing and use of personal data

    The personal data obtained by the relevant websites are only used within [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] in accordance with the originally stated purpose and scope of use, unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, otherwise【MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] will not provide the information to a third party, or transfer it for other purposes.


    Third, the purpose of collection:

    The purpose of collection is to conduct marketing business, consumer, customer management and service, online shopping and other e-commerce services and surveys, statistics and research analysis will collect individuals through the process of joining members or conducting transactions material.


    4. Categories of Personal Data Collected:

    The personal information collected on the website includes:

    -Personal identification: such as member's name, address, phone number, email and other information.

    -Financial Identifier: Such as credit card or financial institution account information.

    -Personal description: For example: gender, date of birth, etc.


    V. Period, region, object and method of use:

    Duration: until the date when the member party requests to stop using or stop providing services.

    Region: Member's personal data will be used in Taiwan region.

    Objects and methods of use: In addition to the collection of personal information of members for [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] member management, search and query functions of customer management, it will also be used for identification, cash flow services, and logistics services , Marketing and publicity, etc. An example is as follows:

    When using various services provided by [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] as a member, the member information will be automatically displayed on the page.

    For the execution of transactions: When members make reservations, place bids, purchases, participate in activities such as rewards, or engage in other transactions for goods or services, they will deliver goods, provide services, pay prices, respond to customer inquiries, and respond to customer inquiries. Inquiries from members, related after-sales services, and other business necessary for the implementation of the exchange.

    Advertising or marketing, etc.: Provide members with various e-magazines and other information, and provide service-related information through email, mail, telephone, etc. Personalize the content or advertisements viewed by members according to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, website browsing records and other items, conduct personalization operations, analyze members' use of services, develop new services or improve existing services, etc. Contact members with regard to opinion polls, activities, message boards, etc., or other service-related matters.

    Response to customer inquiries: for members to send emails, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct and indirect contact


    6. Members' rights to personal information:

    [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] collects personal data. The parties may exercise the following rights against [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:

    Inquire or request a view.

    Request a copy.

    A request for an addition or correction.

    Request to stop collection, processing or use.

    Request removal.

    If members want to exercise the above rights, they can contact customer service to apply. If you refuse to provide the necessary information to become a member, you may not be able to enjoy the complete service or be unable to use the service at all.


    Seven, data security

    In order to protect the privacy and security of members, [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] member account information will be protected with a password. And try our best to protect the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.


    VIII. Ways to inquire or correct personal data

    When members need to inquire and read their personal data, make copies, supplement or correct, stop computer processing and use, delete, etc., they can contact [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] and they will deal with it promptly .


    9. Privacy Protection Policy Amendment

    As the market environment changes, the company will revise the website policy from time to time. If members have any questions about [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] website privacy statement, or related matters related to personal data, they can contact [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] by email.


    X. [MING JIA LI INTERNATIONAL LTD,CO.] Jishihe Co., Ltd. computer processing personal data file security maintenance plan

    In order to ensure the security of personal data files kept by the enterprise, special personnel are designated by law to handle maintenance matters according to the following personal data file security maintenance plan. Personal data file security maintenance plan:

    (1) Data security

    If the personal data files are built on the database, the scope of use and the authority to use "user code" and "identification password" should be determined. The identification password should be kept confidential and should not be shared with others.

    If the personal data files are stored on the hard disk drive of the personal computer, the data retention unit shall set the power-on password, screen saver password and related security measures on the personal computer.

    Personal data files may not be used without permission.

    Personal data files should be exited immediately after use, and should not be left on the computer display screen.

    The identification password used by individuals should be kept confidential, and the password must be changed after a fixed period of time to prevent others from stealing it and using it for a long time.

    If customers inquire about their personal information by phone, they must be authenticated before replying to relevant information to protect the rights and interests of customers.

    When collecting, processing, international transmission and utilization of personal data through the Internet, necessary preventive and protective measures should be taken in advance to detect and prevent computer viruses and other malicious software to ensure the normal operation of the system.

    When conducting transaction processing on the Internet, you should assess possible security risks and develop appropriate security control measures.

    (2) Data audit

    When using a computer to process personal data, you should check whether the input, output, editing or correction of personal data is consistent with the original file.

    When providing personal information for use, check whether it is consistent with the file information, and if in doubt, refer to the original file for verification.

    Should establish a regular audit system and keep audit data.

    (3) Equipment management

    The computer equipment related to the establishment of personal data should be regularly maintained by the data retention unit.

    Do not move computer equipment around unless necessary.

    Personal computers used to build personal data shall not be directly used as front-end tools for public inquiries.

    Definitely delete personal data stored in relevant computer hardware that is discarded or resold.

    (4) Other security maintenance matters

    The staff who use computers to process personal data files should hand over the stored storage media and related data lists when their duties change.

    After an employee leaves the company, all passwords that the former employee had access to must be canceled and adjusted appropriately.

    Comply with the relevant regulations of general computer security maintenance.

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